On Season 1 of the Artist Show Podcast, we spoke with incredibly successful Canadian artists. Meet our first few guests.

Seb Duke of  @TheBigInTheSmall

Seb Duke of @TheBigInTheSmall

Seb Duke/ the big in the small

Seb Duke is known for his colorful Bubble Photography. Blending liquids together, he creates vibrant bubbly microcosms. He captures the minuscule details created by blended liquids using a macro lens and turns them into vivid art prints. Seb’s artwork has appeared on national TV. He also recently put out a collaboration with Zoologist Perfumes, and continues to practice as a full-time artist with a fan base of 50k and growing fans worldwide. Listen to his Artist Show Podcast episode, here.

Courtney Senior of  @CourtSeniorArt

Courtney Senior of @CourtSeniorArt

courtney senior/ court senior art

Courtney Senior is an abstract artist located in Toronto, Canada. Her work is collected worldwide and has been featured at various galleries and exhibitions throughout Canada. Courtney balances a full-time job in marketing with her lucrative business of abstract art. Her exhibits include The Artist Project and the upcoming Riverdale Artwalk. Courtney’s art has also been featured by media publications such as GQ, House & Garden and VoyageMIA. Listen to her Artist Show Podcast episode, here.

Sandeep Johal of  @SandeepJohalArt

Sandeep Johal of @SandeepJohalArt

sandeep johal/ sandeep johal art

Sandeep Johal is a Canadian visual artist whose colourful geometric forms and intricate black and white line work is aesthetically and conceptually inspired by her South Asian heritage. Sandeep believes in the power of art to create awareness around issues related to cultural identity, gender equality, and human rights. She has several murals across the Vancouver area, including at the Civic Hotel in Surrey, and has exhibited at McClure Gallery, Seymore Art Gallery- to name a few. Her Artist Show Podcast episode is upcoming.

Michelle Vella of  @MichelleVellArt

Michelle Vella of @MichelleVellArt

Michelle vella/ michelle vell art

Michelle Vella is a contemporary POP artist known for her unique WIDE BIG EYES. She has been featured on CNN Style, The MARILYN DENIS Show, ELLE CANADA, and W magazine, to name a few. Having an education in Fine Arts and a graphic design business for over a decade, at 50, Michelle created a new chapter, believing anything is possible. She’s been working as a full-time artist since 2015, and enjoying the success that’s come along with it. Michelle is based in Toronto, Canada. Her Artist Show Podcast episode is upcoming.

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Host, Artist Show Podcast

Jasmin Pannu is the host of the Artist Show Podcast. After winning an entrepreneurial grant, she used the funds to start the podcast as a resource for fellow artists. Self-taught, Jasmin transitioned from a career in marketing to a full-time artist. Since then, Jasmin’s art has been featured on CBC Arts, Breakfast Television and the Guardian. She’s also had the honours of having her art exhibited at the likes of the Royal Ontario Museum and the Ontario Science Centre. You can find Jasmin’s website here, and her social here.