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Imagine a society in which every person lives a life aligned with their passion and talent. We’re here to help aspiring and established artists do just that.


Bi-weekly, we feature a successful artist who has mastered the business of art to create a lucrative and passionate career for themselves. We talk about the artistic talent, marketing and entrepreneurship it takes to work in the arts full-time.

Featured artist Podcast Episode:

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art school, cultural inspiration and changing careers with sandeep johal

Sandeep Johal puts on prestigious gallery shows, paints larger-than-life murals, has an impressive press list and gives art talks all over the Vancouver arts scene… and she just switched careers to become an artist a few years ago.

In this episode, we talk about how she built her impressive career as an artist.

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We won a community grant. We took the funding and built this podcast. We’re empowering artists to build thriving businesses around their passions.

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Each artist on the show is chosen because of their ability to build a lucrative and sought-after business in the arts. What’s different though, is how they did it.

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